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Melody’s Story Updates!

Nightcrawl I must do!

well yeah i’m on mfc tonight!

hi i’m going to be on Myfreecams as of a few mins from now! Let’s call it a marathon stream cause I cant wake up in the day for shyt!!! 😵 hope to see you too I forget the link but it’s on my main page here and also you can just search melodyhero into google or right into myfreecams🥰 it’s not free they lie but if you become a premium it’s actually free of nonsense trolls and garbage like twitch chats ehhg idk how those hottub girls take it.

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Melody’s Story Updates!

I wanna be da one to walk in da Sun! (I’m going to the YNOT CAM EVENT!)

If you were even considering me as something noteworthy-this may be my chance for my FIRST ever ***AWARD!***

YNOT CAM Is a smaller crowd, so I'd be MOST appreciative if you clicked here to NOMINATE me for...well, what I am most to you! and *if you think I'm noteworthy of course!*

Just fill out anonymously or as your username (so I can thank you!~)

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Melody’s Story Updates!, Podcast

BURNOUT DIARIES; 1. How to Heal? No, Healing happens. Now do only which is your true desire.


From being burnt out right now and also many mannyyy burnouts before; I would note that eventually, you kind of give up! You just gotta give in, it doesn’t matter anymore! You’re Fucked! Then, and only then you can go on from the ground you lay on up. That is it! Within tasks naturally executed these moments weave and you can finally remember who you are and what you WANTED to be doing! What is something you’re enjoying? If you find that something you’re doing is and was before you the whole time-then you always loved Something of it! When we over-stress; somehow we forget things that aren’t ‘relevant’ or right in front of us! When nothing has value anymore, it can build meaning all over again! Listen in on how I have changed as a cam girl a little, and as I read aloud the beginning of The DAO DE CHING by LAO TSU ☯️

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Melody’s Story Updates!, Podcast

For Corona-Cammers! If You are Leaving; Don’t Forget Us.


Many people had taken up online sex work as a result of this pandemic-especially in the USA 🇺🇸 due to the lack of quickly accessible Unemployment and Stimulus $. Consent, is a spectrum we do things we don’t always want to do-at any job…but if camming, Onlyfans-ing and indie Clips weren’t your cuppa tea…Don’t forget us still in the industry-willingly. Advocate where we cannot. Be an ally and don’t throw us into the regret pile to be condemned even if you had a horrible experience. This letter is from me to you. Melody x

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Blog, Melody’s Story Updates!

I’m MelodyHero! (Melody Morrison) Online Performance Artist, Where Quixotic and Erotic Meet.

hi ntmu!


I specialize in custom clips, (readily available formatting on prices via my ManyVids account.)

I also have an insatiable passion for being a broadcaster, an exhibitionist, and an entertainer.

Please, sign up here for not-at-all-spammy, but classy newsletters! Many social media sites are not keen on my content or anything fun in general! So this website is THE BEST way to keep me in your back pocket!

  • You WILL hear back from me here, much much better than the swamp that is my Instagram DMs, Twitter DMs, etc! Here its streamlined to ME without Zuckerbergs Terms and Conditions in between!

STAY CONNECTED-Even when one of us no longer uses a website, or social space!

I hope this is something to be enjoyed and enlightening! Let me know if its just too personal for your tastes! However, I think I know you well enough to think that you would perhaps appreciate a blog/diary of mine to see what I’ve been up to!

  • Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal? ~I do have a personal one, and I wish sometimes I could have you read it…to understand that my intentions are good, always. Whats on my mind, and what I’m working on.
  • What topics do you think you’ll write about? ~ The Daily life of a cyberwh0r3! +more Weird unusual antics that are very BTS (behind the scenes) also like I said; personal projects, for cam, clips, content* but also my hobbies too!
  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog? ~MY LOVELY FANS, MY MUSES! Both long-time “repeat offenders” and new cummers too! haha 💓
  • If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished? A better way to connect with the people who appreciate what I do, who love seeing/interacting with me! The people that have financially funded my Absurd, FKING Dream of a Career! I owe them all this. 😭