Welcome to My website! (homepage)

Hello, glad you found your way here.
This is my homepage.
I am a live online entertainer, content creator
and lover of breaking the rules!

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I will only tell you BIG BIG news/changes!)
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tell me which you prefer!)

I Entertain people online
Either through a livestream or one of my many videos.
I do many custom videos and whatever it is that day that
I find fun or interesting.
I’m hard to explain.
I’m an art project you get to participate in.
Create a fantasy for me to shape-shift my way into.
I’m good at what I do
and have a wonderful following of supporters
who are always there for me after a long hiatus
to say they had been waiting in anticipation
and that has kept me in the entertainment industry this long.

I don’t do anything I don’t truly believe in or want to do.
Thanks to my supporters, fans, and friends online
I have been following every live session
with a see you next time
and not a goodbye.
This isn’t a get rich quick scheme to me,
never has it been for anyone I know doing the same thing.
I have a passion for acting,
and I have a really rebellious spirit.

I want to thank all of you for supporting me,
and extra thanks to those of you who have been my loyal
‘repeat offenders’ over the years!
I started this break from reality and into the world of online
entertainment way back in 2016!
Along the way,
I hit some really hard times in my life and I can’t believe
I’m still out here doing the same thing still-with a LOT
of the same supporters from the very beginning!
You guys kept me feeling confident enough
to keep going and not give up on this dream I had.
I hope I can leave a meaningful impression on
you just the same. (That goes for you newbies too!)

The internet is an amazing place.
it has horrors and wonders
we never could have dreamed before it dawned upon us.
Let me show you a side of this world,
physically, emotionally, digitally and perhaps you can open up a little too-
as it always goes both ways in any case.
Let’s get to know each other authentically as possible,
I’m not here to be parasocial and manipulate
I’m here to breakthrough.
Either with a crowd or just one on one with you. 17899047979617010.jpg

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