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Blog, Melody’s Story Updates!

Update video…?! lol

MElODY WHERE U BEEN?! me: oh hi, Didn- Everyone: -no. placeholder://

What is it like on the ~other side?~

(Also hi I am trying to be present & online n shiet...)

shiba trying hard
Me trying*

Hello! if you’re on my website omg hi and ty for being here I feel so OFFICIAL!

I know I’ve been gone, a while…


OK, I WISH I could tell you guys without a doubt that I can hold a schedule. I never really have been able to except at the very veeeeery beginning of my cam-career lol. That was 2x days a week maybe only one some weeks-and as little as that sounds the consistency or maybe MFC was just more populated and the economy was better and heh, a lot of reasons but I was doing like-WELL. I’d love to try to do a 2x Live Show day with maybe some breaks for PVTS slotted in between and after like, 5-6hrs? I’m thinking of doing SUNDAYS somewhere around 11:00 AM ~ 3:00 PM ? Then again on Perhaps a THURSDAY at 3PM PST to 6 or later…see how it goes.

(Errr! This isn’t a guarantee-I wish I could but, I am a lil destroyer of order, an agent of chaos, and that’s just who I am!)


SO YEAH I could probably update you on TONNES of sh!t-But I’m sure you’ve heard it all by now-Melody? BURNOUT? WHAT!! I NEVER KNEW!? I NEVER THOUGHT SHE WOULD HIATUS AGAIN GEE!” and don’t get me started with the OnlyFans rubbish etc…Sh!ts been pretty hard in Sexy Streamer Street, Porno Purgatory, and Adult Business Boulevard…Not EVERYTHING affects me right away-or even gets to the endpoint of hurting me? Examples being porn is evil rhetoric, website TOS changes, and the internet is in the light of more Legislation…banned content, deleted accounts-IT doesn’t always happen but it’s THREATENING.

It makes me, and I’m already pretty sensitive overall…It’s not a bad thing, but I can’t seem to bounce back after seeing just the overall consensus (IN THE USA where I am now,) be so anti-porn anti-masturbation antifeminist, PRO censorship, PRO changing the internet to make it less free open as well as private…it all fucking HURTS to see and to know, too, that society wants you for a 10-minute show and then wants you to be thrown into a lake of fire for daring to tempt the consumer for being commodity…like…it doesn’t feel good. I am discriminated against. I am avoiding calling the bank and I find myself LYING about what I do when I do LEGAL, TAXES PAID N ALL WERK-WORK!??!?!? If I am not legal or legit in the hearts of the majority of Americans I don’t want to be here. Sorry. I’m sure if you follow Camgirls you know the struggle is real-and real stupid too. I wish I could shake it off and I will try to for you and for this career because it is legit it was…IS my lil’ 1st gen immigrant “AMERICAN DREAM”!

So, I hope to see you on Thursday if I can. Check my Twitter feed either on Twitter or just by going to the homepage here!-I’ll be SURE to update you with where the fukkk I am STREAMING and provide AN ACTUAL REAL LINK to the chatroom!

AS ALWAYS! Thanks for all your support, as I couldn’t be doing this crazy sh!t without the support you give me in time, engagement+conversation, in tips, vids, and customs clips! I couldn’t be happier that you are here reading even THIS right now too….wtf.

Haha! ALL my well wishes, and lots of love too!

Melody x


I’m attending AN INDUSTRY SUMMIT, to do a lil LEARNING! How does my bio sound guys!?

Who Am I?

I am known (as in my SEO is dope) as MelodyHero, I also go by Melody Morrison, you may know me for my variety of fetish clip content on PH! (we nearly made 10k!) R.I.P. PH and my Dreams of Ever getting a Letterman Jacket!

Fear not though, I am fully uploaded to the cyberspace you’re in now-and mobile too!

Check out my website, and please follow me via Social media! ALL are linked below or on AllMyLinks!


MELODYHERO? Never heard of ya!

  • I’m a lowkey, ‘drama-free individual who keeps to themselves and their hustle. This July I am celebrating more than 5 years of an albeit on-and-off full-time and part-time streaming career via MyFreeCams.
  • I had one of the very first podcasts related to webcamming or the adult industry as I know it. People still listen to it! (thewebcamgirlzoo)
  • I’ve won top 3/4 in quality uploads during the Modelcentro integration x with Pornhub and their Community Contest in 2017
  • Recently I have had my content up next to the most gorgeous authentic performers via the ridiculously classy; Ersties(.)com! (Nearly a German Pun as it is my first collaboration with any studio ever!)
  • In 2018 I was even featured at the ManyVids Booth at AVN, and I’ve done Promotional Takeovers for Manyvids on four separate instances; one of which was this year!
  • I’ve reviewed honestly sex toys for DAME and LOVENSE, please let me know if you want to send over any sex toys, full-on sex dolls, or inflatable whales!!! I’m your very eager Ambassador!

What is there to look forward to in my own career? (Not getting older but-ok,) no…there’s a lot to look forward to!

  • I am going to be jumping at the chance to go to any convention once possible and wise to do so; NEXT UP YNOT CAMMUNITY!
  • VirtualReality, AlteredReality, Artificial Intelligence fascinate me, If you have any proposals with these technologies please contact me if you need Beta testing.

I invite you to cross-examine ‘taboos’ within you and me. More scrutiny within the adult industry as well as within SFW.  Oh, and especially within our government/representation. I want policy and political leaders to see power and potentials in the sheer acceptance of absurdity. Absurdity is true liberation. Heightened potentials for us all, I believe, remain therein.

TLDR: I’m MelodyHero or Morrison.
A Full-time Fetish and Art Model, Digital Live-Performer, Fringe Content Creator, Occult Classic. Armchair Philosopher, Underdressed Poet. Sage.

Blog, Melody’s Story Updates!


The Parasocial-Persona (and feeling like shit.)

This has ALSO  been a long-time draft unposted. 

SORRY!  I am tuff and don’t share feelings as much or…I still do just not as much as I COULD. There ya go.

I am always friggin telling people and I don’t understand how they see differently from this: NSFW am girls/boys and amateur clip makers have PRACTICALLY THE EXACT SAME issues to those of YouTubers-

SURE It’s not LITERALLY THE SAME! BUT how much more similar than different?


Whether you are a USER, VIEWER, FAN, A MODEL, a YOUTUBER or a STREAMER or a nurse, or paralegal who has no idea what my job is! I know even you can find something here in her video to expand your knowledge on the other end of a Parasocial relationship and the stress of even the most modest fame.

Blog, Melody’s Story Updates!, UPDATES


COOL! so there is this new way to TIIIIIIP <3
Go make it rain on your favorite tip models, (oh me? really!?) online digital creators and entertainers and even just giving a gift to someone you appreciate looks so easy with this! GIFTPAY (reminds me of giftrocket, lol! remember that?)  I wanna try this route instead of having the whole AMAZON WISHLIST thing going, I’ve been scammed before with AMZ, people say they bought everything on there or whatever and they did but it doesn’t charge them until shipping-so after the 30 min show they refund their cards. (death 2 u all O_O)
BUT that is aside from the point; look you have  This keeps us both safe from fraud and more private too! Let’s try it out and buy some DUO-DENSITY COCKS THAT LOOK LIKE ALIEN FINGERS and maybe some friggin inflatables for meeee to play with in the sun! omg, I’m so very ready for pvc summer haha.
Blog, Melody’s Story Updates!

I hope this embedded itself right-its a real wholesome meme. I need to stay positive.

Melody’s Story Updates!, Podcast

BURNOUT DIARIES; 1. How to Heal? No, Healing happens. Now do only which is your true desire.


From being burnt out right now and also many mannyyy burnouts before; I would note that eventually, you kind of give up! You just gotta give in, it doesn’t matter anymore! You’re Fucked! Then, and only then you can go on from the ground you lay on up. That is it! Within tasks naturally executed these moments weave and you can finally remember who you are and what you WANTED to be doing! What is something you’re enjoying? If you find that something you’re doing is and was before you the whole time-then you always loved Something of it! When we over-stress; somehow we forget things that aren’t ‘relevant’ or right in front of us! When nothing has value anymore, it can build meaning all over again! Listen in on how I have changed as a cam girl a little, and as I read aloud the beginning of The DAO DE CHING by LAO TSU ☯️

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Melody’s Story Updates!, Podcast

For Corona-Cammers! If You are Leaving; Don’t Forget Us.


Many people had taken up online sex work as a result of this pandemic-especially in the USA 🇺🇸 due to the lack of quickly accessible Unemployment and Stimulus $. Consent, is a spectrum we do things we don’t always want to do-at any job…but if camming, Onlyfans-ing and indie Clips weren’t your cuppa tea…Don’t forget us still in the industry-willingly. Advocate where we cannot. Be an ally and don’t throw us into the regret pile to be condemned even if you had a horrible experience. This letter is from me to you. Melody x

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Blog, Melody’s Story Updates!

I’m MelodyHero! (Melody Morrison) Online Performance Artist, Where Quixotic and Erotic Meet.

hi ntmu!


I specialize in custom clips, (readily available formatting on prices via my ManyVids account.)

I also have an insatiable passion for being a broadcaster, an exhibitionist, and an entertainer.

Please, sign up here for not-at-all-spammy, but classy newsletters! Many social media sites are not keen on my content or anything fun in general! So this website is THE BEST way to keep me in your back pocket!

  • You WILL hear back from me here, much much better than the swamp that is my Instagram DMs, Twitter DMs, etc! Here its streamlined to ME without Zuckerbergs Terms and Conditions in between!

STAY CONNECTED-Even when one of us no longer uses a website, or social space!

I hope this is something to be enjoyed and enlightening! Let me know if its just too personal for your tastes! However, I think I know you well enough to think that you would perhaps appreciate a blog/diary of mine to see what I’ve been up to!

  • Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal? ~I do have a personal one, and I wish sometimes I could have you read it…to understand that my intentions are good, always. Whats on my mind, and what I’m working on.
  • What topics do you think you’ll write about? ~ The Daily life of a cyberwh0r3! +more Weird unusual antics that are very BTS (behind the scenes) also like I said; personal projects, for cam, clips, content* but also my hobbies too!
  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog? ~MY LOVELY FANS, MY MUSES! Both long-time “repeat offenders” and new cummers too! haha 💓
  • If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished? A better way to connect with the people who appreciate what I do, who love seeing/interacting with me! The people that have financially funded my Absurd, FKING Dream of a Career! I owe them all this. 😭

Melody’s Story Updates!, Podcast

This whole Pandemic thing…


I’m back and holy moly I’m sorry I wish I could have been updating you all on this as it was taking place but here I am now to try and give you some information on the climate of the online sex industry in the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. I’m MelodyHero /Morrison and this is what the f**k happened from MY point of view!

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