Who Am I?

I am known (as in my SEO is dope) as MelodyHero, I also go by Melody Morrison, you may know me for my variety of fetish clip content on PH! (we nearly made 10k!) R.I.P. PH and my Dreams of Ever getting a Letterman Jacket!

Fear not though, I am fully uploaded to the cyberspace you’re in now-and mobile too!

Check out my website, and please follow me via Social media! ALL are linked below or on AllMyLinks!



MELODYHERO? Never heard of ya!

What is there to look forward to in my own career? (Not getting older but-ok,) no…there’s a lot to look forward to!

I invite you to cross-examine ‘taboos’ within you and me. More scrutiny within the adult industry as well as within SFW.  Oh, and especially within our government/representation. I want policy and political leaders to see power and potentials in the sheer acceptance of absurdity. Absurdity is true liberation. Heightened potentials for us all, I believe, remain therein.

TLDR: I’m MelodyHero or Morrison.
A Full-time Fetish and Art Model, Digital Live-Performer, Fringe Content Creator, Occult Classic. Armchair Philosopher, Underdressed Poet. Sage.

Share if you dare! Just not at work or school😮

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