COOL! so there is this new way to TIIIIIIP <3
Go make it rain on your favorite tip models, (oh me? really!?) online digital creators and entertainers and even just giving a gift to someone you appreciate looks so easy with this! GIFTPAY (reminds me of giftrocket, lol! remember that?)  I wanna try this route instead of having the whole AMAZON WISHLIST thing going, I’ve been scammed before with AMZ, people say they bought everything on there or whatever and they did but it doesn’t charge them until shipping-so after the 30 min show they refund their cards. (death 2 u all O_O)
BUT that is aside from the point; look you have  This keeps us both safe from fraud and more private too! Let’s try it out and buy some DUO-DENSITY COCKS THAT LOOK LIKE ALIEN FINGERS and maybe some friggin inflatables for meeee to play with in the sun! omg, I’m so very ready for pvc summer haha.
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