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I Made A Smoller, More Classy lil SNAPCHAT group! VIPs!n

You’ve been invited to join the group “THE PANTHEON OF PEEPS” on Snapchat. Tap the link to join!

Now I’m not sure how this it’s gonna go because snapchat TOS is super “no-no-no-no-no-missy!” about anything nude that ain’t the statue of david, and I -am even feeling a vibe that the renaissance itself seems to be pushing it in the art and censorship department these days

I just wanted to have a closer in-group (you don’t have to talk with each other and have this go down a culty way, unless you want to…) I figured if you follow my blog on here and/or are signed up for my newsletter on MY ACTUAL domain site; then you must be pretty rad, really like me, my content or perhaps you’re just curious but still thats a lot more respect I have for you than just anyone who adds me on snap! Its much appreciated!

I’ll still be trying my best to answer onlyfans DMS with video as I was doing so before BUT jesus the terms and conditions (I hate the fact that I actually read them…) are so baddd…ugh, what did I expect I guess. (If curious, read em or have the page read to you so you can multitask- for real!)

I was hoping to maybe interact more on snapchat therefore;

My snap has a large amount of people who followed me over the years, and a lot of active people keep sending dms!it is actually a lot more quick to respond to everyones messages in a stream of consciousness kind of way on snapchat with videos and text-which I like communication-wise!

As for OF Its harder but obviously still possible to create and upload video replies but if you have a snap let me know or just add me @MelodyHero!!! .

If my stuff is less and less hardcore explicit nsfw content-its not particularly because want it to be by the way…maybe I’m down to do less on cam and more irl if i’m gonna take any risks hahaha but its mainly SOCIETY that is making me censor myself. I hate that so much. But just a lil an update…I’ll have to be the good girl who barely does non nude stuff on Snap and OF, haha kidding!!! but kindaaa, not sure yet! Lets be honest though my lack of PpV content and archive is lit enough for a lifetime! Zoe (zoebanx/@cryingattheorgy) told me to raise my subscriber fee to 10$ and I’m looking to do it as soon as I get through my dms and que up some fire content I had been filming this entire burnout! I’m sorry if you don’t resub but I would rather see you when I am livestreaming instead! maybe pop in my chatroom(s) for me every so often! That’d be the best. Link up right here;


The most un-sexy moans I could moan about this, and so eye rolling-ly DUN I find myself feeling. I cannot control only ride this endless pendulum swing of society not being able to control itself then becoming more conservative then back again and again…the amount or intensity of pornography consumed and if its made available somewhere and taken away or censored; guess what?! it pops up in unusual places. Snapchat, KIK, Skype, Zoom, this will continue to “pollute” Until (mainly) men and their pissed off wives (not all of them are these archetypes!) haha, Have a conversation where they integrate their sexual shadows into their waking lives and wants. This is then only way to being a self, one who is confident, one who is whole and closest to satisfied at least in a sexual way…UNTIL THEN you wont stop hearing this SAME fucking TedTalk from me OVER AND OVER AND OVER!