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BURNOUT DIARIES; 1. How to Heal? No, Healing happens. Now do only which is your true desire.


From being burnt out right now and also many mannyyy burnouts before; I would note that eventually, you kind of give up! You just gotta give in, it doesn’t matter anymore! You’re Fucked! Then, and only then you can go on from the ground you lay on up. That is it! Within tasks naturally executed these moments weave and you can finally remember who you are and what you WANTED to be doing! What is something you’re enjoying? If you find that something you’re doing is and was before you the whole time-then you always loved Something of it! When we over-stress; somehow we forget things that aren’t ‘relevant’ or right in front of us! When nothing has value anymore, it can build meaning all over again! Listen in on how I have changed as a cam girl a little, and as I read aloud the beginning of The DAO DE CHING by LAO TSU ☯️

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