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Noob tube: Relationships while Camming, my thoughts, and some other Angles and insights



I should have addressed this ages ago.  . 

this is a HUGE HUUUUUGE deal for a lot of people considering/starting camming. Actually its a big “?” in the adult industry in general…Taboo is sometimes normal and you get shocked by how far the world is behind you when it comes to just accepting a career surrounding sex. SEX SELLS, Its everywhere-marketing, magazines, fashion, monthly loot boxes for ED treatments…watching porn is so normalized its a joke on TV (notoriously censored) when you’re caught by your mom with  a playboy magazine…Audience laugh track* OH BUT MAKING IT?!”OH NO…We need to talk honey.”

Yeah we need a discussion, we need this talk right here right now, on MY goddamn podcast! Welcome noobs, to The Webcam Girl Zoo! 

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