N🚫 TO DICK PICS! ❤️ YES to lovely people and their call-ins!


Anchor • N🚫 DICK PICS BEYOND THIS POINT. NSFW please be 18+ if you have functioning ears…JEMMA STONE IS HILARIOUS. I love her podcast I listened to only like 2 episodes before having to make my own on specifically the topic of UNSOLICITED DICK PICKS. I don’t think I stand for every woman online but I can advocate for nearly every Webcam “camgirl” online since there’s so few of us in general-at least in podcast format-anyway NO I for one NEVER WANT TO SEE OR IMAGINE HOW YOUR DICK LOOKS OR WORKS OK!?! You’re loathed 20% more if not an acquainted member online and 90% if you’re some guy in my Twitter or instagram DMs!!!!!! I like dick but you guys know how to ruin shit I guess. ❤️I was listening to some super old but super touching call ins I had on here-touched my icy cold heart though for real! Thank you so much for your sweet words and time it took to say them they inspired me today…anyways, sorry if you don’t want your bite up I’ll take it down if requested! And to you guys who didn’t make it into he podcast THANK YOU ☺️ ‼️

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