Hey! I’m back AGAIN with some stories!


Hi!! I’m back again. Like I never left I’m picking it up firstly by talking about how I see a lot of boycotting of private establishments. Marriott is the most recent I’ve heard of. They’re apparently going to train staff to look for signs of human trafficking-which to be sadly honest are incredibly difficult to spot even by trained personnel. To help both Escorts stay out of prison and Stop Sexual SLAVERY is to DECRIMINALIZE prostitution. No dodging police, no more living in fear. We need to be calling local representatives, local media, organizing protests for the decriminalization of prostitution-nobody should be working, or living in fear of punishment for selling services or being a victim of someone selling them for such services. Look, a private property can kick you out anytime for any reason to be honest it’s called refusing service and it’s on the wall at McDonald’s-Mmkay. So please don’t waste time. Be smart or Educate thyself and go straight to the root of the issue-take it to your political representatives! ✊ ALSO I will be answering some very common but very neasecary~*NEWGIRL*~ Questions and giving the realest darned answers to them! You may wanna have a listen if you’re serious about business!!!

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