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I’m known on the web as melodyhero almost everywhere online, and you may know me as Melody Morrison via Pornhub.I am a live online entertainer, content creator, and lover of breaking rules and taboos, I’ve always been a rebel without a cause and sometimes; with one. I’m best known to make fun, niche fetish clips and Livestream on MYFREECAMS *my first live streaming website ever and it still looks like it. (joke!) I do both SFW and NSFW content.

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Thanks for visiting my page
Please consider popping in ANY email you have that I can get ahold of you with! Many sites are changing their terms of service and NSFW content is becoming harder and harder to keep afloat without a ban, strike, or demonetization!

If we talk on Instagram or Twitter and I am banned, or Terms change on Manyvids, MFC, or Pornhub, I can rest assured and know I can send out an email to let you where I will be headed next! 

Also, consider following/subscribing to me on several of my social media as well as streaming/video content pages too; I have a lot of profiles but the ones I use most and keep most updated as of NOW are Twitter, Snapchat, and My premium Onlyfans (If you don’t want to commit just yet please join my free one! @melodyherosfw)

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